Saturday, November 29, 2008


Where have I been?? Wish I could remember. Well I guess I would know had I been blogging these last few months. I have discovered that I have a sort of OCD where my pictures are concerned. I have been waiting to upload and blog until I have the perfect "digital storage system." Perfection does not exist....not in organizing anything at least. It is a work in progress. So to ease my mind and my obsessiveness, I will blog old memories that have passed with each new post until I catch up. At least my intentions are good.
Today we went to Disney on Ice. The kids had a blast and even Nick enjoyed himself. It was really amazing only my pictures are not great....they were moving so fast!! It was especially enjoyable for Addie who has adored Mickie and Minnie her entire life. That is until she met SpongeBob. She is now obsessed with him. She only wants to watch the "sweet SpongeBobs." He has a bad habit of saying not so nice words and so that's her way of trying to make it ok.
Tenth Anniversaries: Nick and I celebrated our tenth anniversary this past October. I can't believe it has been 10 years. What a ride!! I love you honey!!

We also took the girls to their first Clemsom game. Nick and I had not been since 1998. That's ten years!! I am so ashamed!! Anyway, here are some pictures to enjoy.

As for this Thanksgiving weekend, we have enjoyed fun with friends and family and some good food. Sometimes I look at my extraordinary life and I can't believe that it's mine. I am so blessed. Hope that yours was a good one!!