Saturday, August 22, 2009


I am completely creeped out by the clicking noise that I hear in the wee hours of the morning. Here's why...Nick was out of town from Sunday to Friday of this past week in Florida for a sales meeting. I'm guessing there was a Mexican theme and he brought home some goodies for the girls. He was supposed to fly in to GSP at 11 pm Friday night but secretly and with permission ditched the last half of the day's meetings to catch an early flight home. He showed up at Anna's school on Friday to pick her up. We were all pleasantly surprised. Back to the the goodies included some Gummy Pizzas, 2 miniature maracas, a frisbee and

Mexican Jumping Beans
Awesome!!! I used to love those as a kid. My Pop always brought us those and I thought and still did think those things were just plain cool. And I just knew that the girls would get a real kick out of them.

and then I googled them and found this...

As a child, you didn't question it. They were beans and since they were special "Mexican" beans, then they could jump. End of story. As an adult with a bit of curiosity and modern day perks such as Google, you can research just about anything. So this is what makes these things jump. There are larva inside those beans inside my house moving around and yes jumping. Its a survival method or something. So with every click, and tick that I hear, I think of this little fellow. I can promise you that these things will not make it through the night. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!