Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"W" is for "Dude"

This morning, Addie and I were playing with her "Fridge Phonics" game and we were practicing her letters. She has gotten really good at this thing and I am glad that Santa gave it to us. She puts a letter in and it tells her what sound it makes. Then she will tell me words that begin with that sound. First it was B.

Addie: B-B-Beee! B starts with boy.
Me: good job Addie. Try A
Addie: A-A-Aaa starts with Addie
Me: try P.
Addie: P-P-Pee starts with pretty. What about this one?
and she points to W
Me: That's a W.
Addie: D-D-Double U starts with "Dude"

Monday, January 26, 2009

This is what made me laugh today...

I look over as I get out of the shower this morning (yes it is shower day) and I chuckle a bit at what I see. This is Nick's side. His vanity, his counter, his toothbrush holder and what do I see but a PINK toothbrush!! Apparently when he was out of town last, he left his tb in the hotel room. I keep extra tb's from the dentist just in case any little ones spend the night and forget their own. This is what he found. That happened a week ago. I guess he likes the shade.

"Addie the Clown"
Circus Day at The ELC

She was not quite as excited as I was.

Addie and her teacher Ms. Misty.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

All about Addie

Saturday January 24th

This is Addie's sad little room. Just about empty. I did not do any decorating because I knew that she would be moving to a big bed soon enough. Who am I kidding. I haven't done any decorating in any bedroom!! Anyway, this weekend, we finally got her out of her crib and it was hard on me. I mean real hard. Nick even said to be sure to take a good picture of it so that we could put the crib on craigslist. I almost threw up. How could he say such a thing. I know you are thinking...get.over.it. It's not a fancy crib. Not a very girly crib. But it is the crib that both of my girls slept in and what can I say, I am sentimental!! I did take these pictures because this how she had to sleep every night. A blanket draped over the side. I started this in the hopes that it might appear darker and therefore prolong her sleep a bit. It worked some mornings. She also had to have Barney on the bottom, her Dora pillowcase and a blanket on either side. So high maintenance!!
The girls had to try the beds out with a little bit of bouncing!
I was fortunate enough to score these antique twin beds, mattresses, new sheets, down comforters and duvets from a family member for a small fee. What a deal!!
Addie before her bath and very tired and ready to sleep in her new bed!

Addie after her bath. I am wondering what this night will be like...

Of course I give her the blankets from her crib for comfort and she very quickly says, "I don't need those."

Her big sis decides that she would like to sleep in the other just in case Addie were to get scared.

Can I just tell you that they were asleep in about a minute and not a peep from either of them all night. She slept well in her big girl bed. I did not sleep well. I was sad. She is my baby and she went a grew up on me!!

My "To Grow" List

Change is coming. I am not speaking of the "Obama" kind of change, although that is inevitable...I am talking about with in me. It is amazing how you ask God for something and Bam! it smacks you right in the face. I have been dealing with this need for change for quite some time. I did not decide this on Jan. 1st because I am lousy at resolutions. But I knew that it was time and I began to ask God help me. You see I have had this feeling like I am standing still. Like the world is just racing by and I am just stuck. Stuck in my relationship wit the Lord, with my husband, with my children, etc. You get the point. I am the one with the "to do" list (can't live without one) that never gets done. So I run this rat race trying to check off things meanwhile, my girls are growing right before my eyes and I have missed it because I have been trying to check off this and that. Was this and that really that important? I am getting to my point. I was listening to Living On the Edge and Chip Ingram was speaking (love him!). He was talking about people like me and made a very profound suggestion. He said instead of making a "to do" list that I should make a "to grow" list. A list of things that you want to do this week to grow in your relationships with the Lord and the people you love. It makes these things a priority. I can't tell you how it has helped me to focus on what's important and leave the stuff that's not alone. And then more change came about on Saturday when I went to Christian Supply to buy Nick a new bible. I wanted to buy a book. I just wasn't sure which one. I walked in and there was a thousand copies lined on the wall of Dave Ramsey's "The Total Money Makeover" and it was 40% off. I did not dare argue with God so I bought it. So I am on a journey...one that terrifies me...but one I will not regret. So let me close by saying change is good.

Friday, January 16, 2009

A Southern Phenomenon

Tonight we went to have dinner...at the fish camp. "Fish Camp?" you say. If you are from the south, you know what I am talking about. If you are not, you should visit one. We went to the "Flounder". The place cracks me up. There are so many things about that place that are quirky! My sister and I had a conversation before we went about the time we should go. We both agreed that since it was so cold (and today it was cold!), the place would be packed. And sure enough, at 5:30 it was full. What is it about the cold weather that sends people running to the fish camp. Is it the hot oyster stew? On the way there, Anna said, "mama, I don't want to go there because it's full of old people!" hahaha If you get there early enough, you can go inside this long hallway where you wait in line for your table. If not, you are one of the unlucky ones that have to form the line out the door. Tonight, they had these little heaters plugged in along the hallway so that when you finally made it inside, you could thaw yourself out. The menu...well, it's seafood. My most favorite part is that after they bring your drinks, they put a big pitcher of tea and a big pitcher of ice on the table. The good ice. The shaved ice. So your tea is perfect every time. The only thing that I don't understand is that if you order a soft drink, you get one can...and that's it. No refills. Invest in a fountain machine why don't you. I have two caffeine sensitive kids who really needed to have sprite tonight. The food is great. I get the broiled shrimp. Not because I'm trying to be good (that's almost impossible there) I just really like shrimp. Their slaw is almost as good as mine. A little too sweet so if you get and order of pickled onions to go on top, it makes it just about right. And their fries...well, they look like Orida. It's one big room so if you have screaming kids, and we always do, you're not the only one. Sound like a ball of joy and good food? Then you should check'em out. But you can only go Wed thru Sat. They are closed the rest of the week. I just get a kick out of southern traditions. I wonder if there are fish camps out west? or up north? Just curious. Bet they are not called fish camps...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A few things I need to do...

1. First and foremost, I have purchased my last six pack, of coke that is. It is my drug of choice and I am totally addicted...and my waste shows it. I have four left and I will savor every last drop. Nick says, "try diet." As if they were the same, or even close to the same thing. I have done this many times, and if I can make it through the week, I will be home free. That is if...

2. I purchased a treadmill in May of '08 from a friend. Nick tried to convince me that I would use it for hanging clothes and I was determined to prove him wrong. I did. Not a stitch of clothes hung on that one...it's still in the garage. This weekend, it's coming in the house!!
3. Please take a second to visit Amy's blog, Chapters. You can read about her struggle with infertility and her mother's effort to help her through ADFMD (A Dollar For My Daughter.)

4. I got my very first blog Award from a sweet, sweet girl Steph. You can visit her blog here. She is in Germany with her husband and I have enjoyed seeing what life is like there!! Thank you Steph!!

The rules are as follows...
1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show GREAT ATTITUDE and/or GRATITUDE!
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

In no particular order, I am nominating these lovely ladies!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Spelling Bee..

Mama's so proud! All week Anna has been talking about a spelling bee they were doing in class. Nothing major, just some fun in class I thought. Today she said, "Mama today in the spelling bee it got down to two people and Zachary (Anna goes to a small school and everybody knows that he's very very smart) spelled bring wrong. And then I (did I hear her correctly...I?) spelled it right...b-r-i-n-g...that's how I spelled it and then I had to spell brown...b-r-o-w-n and then I won." I was so proud of her. Don't get me wrong...she's such a bright girl and does very well in school...but spelling? She definitely doesn't take after her mama. I can't spell to save my life. Thank goodness for spell checker is all I have to say. She squares off with the other two winners of the remaining first grade classes on Friday. Big day for her.
Sock it to 'em girl!!

Pic's of my birthday at El Mexicano... Anna, Addie and Luke putting the candles on the cake Putting all those candles on there???

and I could not resist posting a pic of these beautiful pink roses!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A dreamy birthday...

I woke up late around 9 because my hubby let me sleep in while he took the kids to school. He woke me up with breakfast in bed and Regis and Kelly on the tv. I checked my email on my new Mac book and then decided to begin my day. I took a long bath and put on my new outfit that I got for my bday and then transferred everything into my new Chocolat Blu handbag I have been obsessed with. It was almost time for my lunch date with some close girl friends and then off to my facial/massage appointment. After that, I had time to go to the mall for some shopping. Nick got the girls settled with dinner and the sitter and we met at my favorite restaurant for sushi. When we got home, I could not believe my eyes. My house was spotless...laundry done, bathrooms clean, floors mopped, dishes put away...not a thing left to do. The sitter had bathed the girls and put them to bed. Nick gave me my birthday present from him. A set of cashmere pj's that felt like a dream and a new set of sheets. I put on my pj's and bed sheets (1000 thread count pima cotton) and just as I was getting ready to dive in....I woke up.

and then my day began. Who am I kidding? Wouldn't that be a totally awesome day? I thought this would be a bit comical but if you think about it, its pretty full of everything that doesn't really matter anyway. I began to realize that the happenings of my birthday were a true gift:

I got up at 6am. Took Anna to school and we had a "birthday" biscuit from Bojangles on the way. I worked for a few hours and then met Nick and Addie at Olive Garden for a "birthday" lunch. She greeted me with a bunch of pink roses. She said, "Happy Birthday mama! Me and Daddy got your present at Food Lion." She was so proud of that. After lunch we went home to crash on the couch from our carbohydrate coma brought on by the 5 baskets of bread sticks we ate at lunch. I did not have to do carpool (woo-hoo) because my brother-in-law brought Anna home from school. When Anna got home, we all played the wii and I decided to get on blogger and here I am. We will be leaving in a little while to meet some of the family for Mexican for yet another birthday feast. Can you tell I love to eat?

So with that said, I am so thankful that I find my joy in the simplicity of it all. I wouldn't have rather spent my day any other way...ok maybe a new handbag.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

This is about my weekend...

On Friday, we were anxiously awaiting the Mr.'s arrival home from a business trip and were at the local grocery store picking up a few things for dinner when I got the bright idea to take the girls to the airport to see his plane land. Time was not on our side and I was afraid we would not make it. Going up the escalator my phone rang and sure enough it was him. I did not answer...I did not want to give away the surprise. We rounded the corner and there he was. We did not see the plane land, but the girls didn't care and neither did he. Talking about a moment for pictures if there ever was one...and I forgot my camera. Luckily the camera on his phone is decent so we went out to the court yard to see the planes landing/taking off and shot a couple of pictures.

Earlier in the week, we were talking on the phone and he told me that he got to pick out a new pair of Nikes as a little gift from work. I was so excited for him. Who doesn't love new tennis shoes??? When we were loading the girls in his truck (of course they wanted to ride home with him) I asked to see his shoes and he pulled them out of the box. They looked really small and then I realized...they were for me! Woo-hoo!! He got me a pair instead :) I was so excited...but not surprised. That's just the kind of man he is.

On Saturday my sister had to go to Columbia to do some paperwork on their transfer to Korea. How will I let them go?
So the boys stayed with Aunt April and here was our day...


Addie doing crafts...in the nude. Blues Clues undies and Danskos. Nice.
No modesty what.so.ever!
They were covered from head to toe with paint, pancake syrup and who knows what else...
so we loaded them ALL in the tub.
Liam, Anna, Addie, and Luke



Squint (aka Addie)

After dinner, mom called and wanted Anna to spend the night with Emma, so off she went with no hesitation. I remember when she wouldn't dare leave mama. Oh the days... While me and Addie waited for Daddy to get back, we piled on my bed and watched a little TV. She said, "mama, you didn't paint my fingernails." I vaguely remember last week talking about painting their toenails some time soon. How did she remember that. When it is bedtime, operation STALL-AS-LONG-AS-WE-CAN kicks in. They amaze me at what they can come up with. The usual "I want a drink of water" or maybe "I need to go the the bathroom" happens a lot. Anna's favorite..."I need you to put some medicine on my mosquito bite." Anybody told her there's no mosquitoes in the winter? Not me.

Anyway so since Anna was at a sleepover, I thought that would be the perfect thing for Addie and I to do just before bed.

Sweet. Sweet. Sweet

Not a huge fan of polish on the fingers...but she was and this was her time...and I gave in.

I took these pictures in her crib and when I was done, she said, "mama can I take a picture?" and I said, "Sure honey." (one day, I will have to post all the pictures my girls take. It is pretty comical, but a really neat perspective)

She took one lovely picture of me, and I will spare you all from the horror. A full day with 4 kids, a sister, a dog and a husband and one Christmas tree that so desperately needs to come down. Not exactly on top of my game. And then this was her next picture.

Her bunny.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

popcorn for $1

Today we saw "The Tale of Despereaux." I found out a great piece of info that might make your wallet a little fatter the next time you go to see a movie. Have you bought a movie ticket lately? A whopping $7...and that was a matinee!! And popcorn...$7.50!! Anyway, at our local theatre on
Tuesdays popcorn is only $1
(email me if you want to know where)
(The movie was a hit)

These are some pictures after Christmas that I had not posted yet. Anna got a real make-up kit from Amber for Christmas. Anna and Addie are giving each other make-overs.

At what point in your life do you go from begging to put on make-up to wishing you didn't have to wear it and absolutely dreading putting it on?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Better left unsaid

A funny conversation:
Do you call text messaging a conversation? I guess these days you do.
Background info: Nick is in beautiful sunny FL at a meeting
at a "resort." (some things he should just keep to himself)
Text message went like this:
April sent: "Hey honey, how r u?"
Nick sent: "Fine. Just sitting down for dinner."
(I'm thinking sushi, filet, seared tuna, oysters...must I go on?)
April sent: "Me too. Corndogs."
Nick sent no reply.
Guess there are just some things better left unsaid :)
I wouldn't have traded my night for any other in the world. Me and the girls had dinner at their princess table (compliments of Santa Clause) and had mini corndogs
(nutritious I know...at least they were beef)
and my coke was fresh from the freezer with a thin layer of ice on the top. (nothing better)
We watched a little TV and then ate some clementines. We finished the night off with a game of bowling and a book. What a fun time we had. Honey, we know where you would rather have been! We miss you!

I will always be greatful for the sacrifices that he makes in order for me to be at home with our girls. So he deserves a good steak!!

...and yes, that's my Christmas tree and it's still up!

...there's the squint again.

I could not resist. I went in to cover her up and she was surrounded by her furry friends. Sweetness.
She's getting big girl beds next week and I am so sad!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Santa and milestones

Milestones...they happen all the time. Some before they should, some are a bit slow. This one was delayed and it was my fault. We were visiting with our pastor and his family and his (just turned) 5 year old son, Ty, went to put his shoes on and tied them...by himself. I was amazed! My sweet Anna, who will be 7 in March, could not tie her shoes yet. So of course, I got right on it. In her defense Nick says that it's my fault because none of her shoes tie. They really don't. Since she quit wearing her sweet little white keds (I'm gonna cry) everything has been slip-ons. Even her tennis shoes this year were the ones with no-tie laces. Anyway, so its my fault. Anna got new tennis shoes for Christmas and yes they had real shoe strings and she tied her shoes today. Ever tried to teach a kid how to do that? It's not easy! We tried a few times yesterday and when we got ready to leave today, she did it...all by herself. I'm so proud. Sorry for holding you back baby!!

Santa's been here...

Chapstick...can't beat it!

Does she even know what Go Fish is? Appears she does.

My Anna loves her horses!!!

Cute PJ's!

I will end with...

My Memories of Christmas 2008
the naughty list
The Polar Express
Our first Christmas in our new home
too much hustle and bustle
Oreo Truffles
Reindeer poop
What is a Wii? (thanks Santa!!)
Pixos and Nerf Guns and Tinkertoys
my husband at home for two weeks straight
blessings, blessings, blessings
friends and family
seeing my girls remember that Christmas is about Jesus
Watching my husband teach this to them