Monday, September 21, 2009

Today I laughed and today I cried...

This is what made me laugh today....

Anna has 3 teeth that are loosening and ready to be pulled. She told her dad today that she was not going to play at recess or gym because she was afraid that during a game that she may get hit so hard that her teeth may get knocked out and she would lose them and not get a visit from the tooth fairy.

This is what made me cry today...

Anna and my nephew Reid were born to be outdoors. Anna's favorite place to play is outside at Reid's house. They go out and are lost for hours in the yard or the woods finding frogs, bugs and mud fights. Today the most horrific thing happened. I was in Amber's kitchen making cornbread for supper when Anna and Reid stormed in the house covered in yellow jackets. The dog, Bandit, found the nest and was attacked. When Anna and Reid went to see what the fuss was about, they were attacked too. It was the scariest thing. They were all in Anna's hair, down her shirt...they were everywhere. Poor Bandit was covered in them and he was running all over the house leaving yellow jackets flying everywhere. During all of this, Addie locked herself in the bedroom crying hysterically because she was afraid. She was stung by a yellow jacket this summer and that had traumatized her. It was an eventful night to say the least. Anna has had her last dose of bennadryl and is off to lala land. They are fine, just very shaken up. The yellow jackets should be drowning in gasoline right about now. All is well.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Addie's Prayer

We found this on an old SD card. I tried to video this several nights but with the lights out, it doesn't work so good. Sorry for the shakes. I couldn't let her know that my camera was on. Otherwise she would not have been quite so sincere.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Tonight Anna was doing her homework and studying for her bible test. Addie decided she wanted to join and so this is some of the things that she said:

I asked the question "What are some ways we are obedient at home?"
Anna: "When we clean our room"
Addie: "Not poking people in the eye and not hitting people with hangers"


Anna was reciting her bible verse and Addie was upset that she didn't have one to say. So I got out her Cubbies book and we went over her verse. She repeated it to me like this:
"....God created the heavens and the earth. Gennifer 1:1"

Friday, September 4, 2009


I have been waiting to post this for 6 days. I cant figure out how to move these pics around on the computer. Anybody know anything about an Apple?????

Here's what I wrote:

This week Walmart had corn on sale for dirt cheap so I bought up a bunch! This is the one and only vegetable that Anna will eat. Not the best one on the list but at least it's a vegetable. It is, isn't it?? So I was getting ready to cook it. The girls love corn on the cob but somehow I always end up cutting it off. So I decided to cut off in the to begining with and cook it in the skillet. I cooked it with some olive oil and yes....a little bacon. Delicious!! Here are some pictures of the the girls shucking corn.

That reminds me of my granny. I shucked corn with her til my hands hurt!! I miss her so bad....

So here's a great tip. I'm always looking for tips...and I found this one in my most favorite magazine...Real Simple.

easy way to cut corn off of the cob