Friday, March 6, 2009

She likes to walk in his shoes...

Anna found the fun dip that I obviously didn't hide well. I loved that stuff when I was little! Even though it was a school night, how could I deny them that little pack of joy???

Addie had never had this before. She said, "mama here open this and don't spill my power!"

Later we were giving Anna a hard time about the fact that she had not pulled her tooth yet. She went into her room to get ready for bed and we heard a very high pitched scream. The rest went like this...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A tid-bit from Addie

This morning we were lying in my bed (since school was called off again--woo-hoo) and she pulled her leg out from under the covers and said, "Look how long my leg is mommy!" I of course commented on how fast she was growing and that I wished it would stop. Then she took her little finger and skipped it up her leg from her thigh to her toe saying one, two, three and so on...until she got to seven. She said, "See mama, my leg is seven far."