Monday, December 1, 2008

Bitter Sweet

On Sunday, two very special things happened....Ashlee (my little sister) dedicated her two precious boys, Luke and Liam at my grandparents church and we also celebrated Liam's 1st birthday. They are two precious boys and I am so lucky to be able to share these times with them. It was a dreary day. Rainy and cold. She pulled up at the church already drenched from loading the boys in the car. I made it out to her car just in time with my umbrella to spear them any further soaking. As I walked to the car, my heart ached for her. I began to wonder what it must feel like to have to do this all alone....a baby dedication, 1st birthday party, Christmas, baths, grocery shopping...I could go on forever. Her husband is in the Army and is stationed in Korea. He will be there for a year or so, maybe longer. She is so incredibly strong. I watch her and wonder how she does it....where does she get her strength? I have come to realize how lucky I am and for that, I will hug my hubby and the kiddies a little tighter tonight. I hope that you will do the same.

After church we went to my house for spaghetti and cupcakes and he...we all enjoyed them. Happy Birthday buddy!!

Today it finally happened!! She lost her 2nd tooth. Drama queen had been battling this for a couple weeks. We even had to go to the dentist because the permanent tooth was becoming impatient so we had to pull it soon. Not me though. I am too squeamish. I tried. I tried really hard, but with no success. I passed the torch to Nick and out it came. Now we are anxiously awaiting her arrival. Anna is beside herself with excitement. You know the Tooth Fairy pays a lot more than she did in my day. Thank you Riley, Edward and Emma......who told her that the fairy left $20 for the first tooth. She enjoyed that first visit. I assured her that only happens for the first tooth. haha

Flashback: (July '08) Lost 1st tooth
Flashback: (June '08) Addie gave up her passy in June in exchange for this lovely Sleeping Beauty get up. She wore it every where. She and Nick went shopping for the special treat. What a big girl!!

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