Sunday, January 11, 2009

This is about my weekend...

On Friday, we were anxiously awaiting the Mr.'s arrival home from a business trip and were at the local grocery store picking up a few things for dinner when I got the bright idea to take the girls to the airport to see his plane land. Time was not on our side and I was afraid we would not make it. Going up the escalator my phone rang and sure enough it was him. I did not answer...I did not want to give away the surprise. We rounded the corner and there he was. We did not see the plane land, but the girls didn't care and neither did he. Talking about a moment for pictures if there ever was one...and I forgot my camera. Luckily the camera on his phone is decent so we went out to the court yard to see the planes landing/taking off and shot a couple of pictures.

Earlier in the week, we were talking on the phone and he told me that he got to pick out a new pair of Nikes as a little gift from work. I was so excited for him. Who doesn't love new tennis shoes??? When we were loading the girls in his truck (of course they wanted to ride home with him) I asked to see his shoes and he pulled them out of the box. They looked really small and then I realized...they were for me! Woo-hoo!! He got me a pair instead :) I was so excited...but not surprised. That's just the kind of man he is.

On Saturday my sister had to go to Columbia to do some paperwork on their transfer to Korea. How will I let them go?
So the boys stayed with Aunt April and here was our day...


Addie doing the nude. Blues Clues undies and Danskos. Nice.
No modesty!
They were covered from head to toe with paint, pancake syrup and who knows what else...
so we loaded them ALL in the tub.
Liam, Anna, Addie, and Luke



Squint (aka Addie)

After dinner, mom called and wanted Anna to spend the night with Emma, so off she went with no hesitation. I remember when she wouldn't dare leave mama. Oh the days... While me and Addie waited for Daddy to get back, we piled on my bed and watched a little TV. She said, "mama, you didn't paint my fingernails." I vaguely remember last week talking about painting their toenails some time soon. How did she remember that. When it is bedtime, operation STALL-AS-LONG-AS-WE-CAN kicks in. They amaze me at what they can come up with. The usual "I want a drink of water" or maybe "I need to go the the bathroom" happens a lot. Anna's favorite..."I need you to put some medicine on my mosquito bite." Anybody told her there's no mosquitoes in the winter? Not me.

Anyway so since Anna was at a sleepover, I thought that would be the perfect thing for Addie and I to do just before bed.

Sweet. Sweet. Sweet

Not a huge fan of polish on the fingers...but she was and this was her time...and I gave in.

I took these pictures in her crib and when I was done, she said, "mama can I take a picture?" and I said, "Sure honey." (one day, I will have to post all the pictures my girls take. It is pretty comical, but a really neat perspective)

She took one lovely picture of me, and I will spare you all from the horror. A full day with 4 kids, a sister, a dog and a husband and one Christmas tree that so desperately needs to come down. Not exactly on top of my game. And then this was her next picture.

Her bunny.


Jon and Steph said...

What an awesome weekend! Sounds extremely busy....
Your husband sounds so nice, what a wonderful gift! Gotta love new tennis shoes!
Again, your girls are too stinkin cute!
Hope you have a wonderful week!

The wife said...

The pics are cute! and how sweet of the Mr. to bring back the tennis shoes!!

Jon and Steph said...

I can only imagine, your weekend looked crazy busy! It's wonderful to be around people you love ;)

Yes, I've been a hairstylist for over four years now! I love it. Working for a supply coming must have been great! I bet you got to try out all the new products, etc!

I love scrapbooking, it's so therapeutic! But so is the blog, plus you meet so many great people ;)

Amber said...

That picture of all of em in the bath cracked me up. Your Addie must be something else! Missed catching up with you guys at Kelly's over Christmas but I heard you guys had a great time!