Friday, December 12, 2008


No, I'm not speaking of all the wonderful rain we had these past couple of days. Although I do have to give a big thank you to my hubby who put our screens on our windows a few weeks ago. I was able to do one of my favorite things. Lift the windows and listen to the rain. Heavenly!! When I say drenched, I am talking about my sweet Addie. Someone please help!! I am in need of some good advice. She has been potty-trained for quite some time now. Almost a year to be exact. However in the last couple of weeks, she has decided that going pee pee is much too inconvenient and she would just rather go on about her activities than to stop and use the potty. So what am I left with...alot of laundry. Thank goodness its only the pee pee part. I just don't know what to do. I will look up and notice her face beet red, eyes watering, back arched and she's doing the dance. I order her to the bathroom and she goes. And it's like ok mom and thanks for letting me know. But I don't always catch her though and this is when the floodgates open. This evening she said, "Mom where's my panties because I want to put on some beautiful ones?" Like I'm not supposed to know that she is hiding her undies so I won't know she's wet them.

Here are some pics from earlier in the summer. Amber and Beaver are building an addition and they are living in one big mud hole right now. One day we just let the kids go! It had just rained the day before and they were dying to play in the mud and here is how it turned out.

In case you can't tell, these are my nephews, Riley and Reid.

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Rhonda said...

Oh wow, that looks like fun! Jake (and EK too) would be in heaven!! And I'm certainly not the one you want potty training advice from!! :)

Summer Laney said...

That looks like so much fun...Can we come next time?

As for the PT, I'm not sure, we never had that problem. Sorry I can't help.