Thursday, December 11, 2008

not so bad

If there is such a stomach virus we've ever had. Anna only got sick once. It's been two days since it started and Addie and I are bug-free. Yah!!! I am beginning to wonder if it was a bug or not. Any way, we enjoyed our day in. In these pictures the girls got all dressed up and came in to the kitchen and said, "Guess what we are?" To give you a little background info, the shirts they are wearing (courtesy of Emma's hand-me-downs) are Limited Too RHINESTONE tanks. Another piece of important info is the music that you can't hear. They put on their Hannah Montana cd. Can you guess? "We're ROCK STARS mom!"

Today Addie got in the car after school. If you could have seen the pride gleaming in her eyes!! I asked how school was and she quickly replied, "I have homework today mom." She is in 3k at my church, AMRBC. I said, "Oh you do?" and she said, "Yes, I have homework today." I pulled out her folder and made a huge deal of the assignment that I found in her bag. We went to Walmart to get some special glitter glue and crafts for her homework assignment. She was beside herself. Will this continue??? I know that it's hard to see, but she had to cut out the gift box and inside she had to draw a picture of a gift to give. She chose to give it to her big sis and she gave her a princess. And a very beautiful princess I might add. We had to fold over the flap and decorate it like wrapping paper. Let's just say we will be lucky if all the glitter glue dries by tomorrow. What innocence....or should I say naivety.

My poor hubby left Washington State at 7am this morning. It is now 12:30am and he is not home. Let's just say this was not a good day for flying. If you ask him, no day is good for that. He had 3 legs and all were delayed!! He will not be a happy camper when he gets home. Do I even need to say thank goodness the weekend is here!!!
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Rhonda said...

Ella Kate was VERY excited about her homework too! She didn't say who she was giving them to - but she gave some sunglasses. :) I love the glitter glue wrapping!

Summer Laney said...

Glad everyone is feeling better!!