Monday, December 29, 2008

Meet "Scoot"

This is one of Addie's Christmas presents from Santa. Her scooter which she named "Scoot." She rides her scooter everywhere. To the potty, to her bedroom, to the table for breakfast. I call her name and she comes blazing in on her scooter. This morning at the table, I look down and of course there is Scoot and Maggie is licking grits off of it. I said, "Addie, did you spill your grits?" and she said, "No, I just gave Scoot a bite."
...and then she decides Scoot needs another bite.

Later that afternoon, the girls and I piled in the car to go to the mud pit and get some fresh air. We had not seen the cousins since Santa came and wanted to meet Snowball #2. (I say #2 because #1 is in hamster heaven. The boys found him yesterday morning very, very still and so Beaver (that's their dad) decided he should go to PetSmart to get another that wasn't so that was a little more lively if you know what I mean. Anyway, the kids played in the mud for some time and then we all went to our house for a sleep over....and a bath!!

Riley, Reid, Hannah, Anna and Addie

We spent most of the night on the Wii. (Some pics of the kids bowling.)

Great form!!

Even little Addie is a tough one to beat!!

The end of a long hard day of play....sweet dreams!!

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Amy Wallace said...

Your post cracked me up!