Friday, January 2, 2009

Here today....gone tomorrow.

I can't believe that Christmas has come and gone does everything these days. Don't you just wish you could stop time so they didn't get another minute older. And so I begin to recap, because I have been so incredibly busy and have neglected to do a post on Christmas. It begins with...
...Christmas parties

Addie's class party
They each got the book "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" from Ms. Misty


& Ms. Estes 1st grade class

After school that day, I decided to take the girls to see Santa. The girls were already dressed in their Christmas attire so we headed to the mall. Not just the mall in Spartanburg, but HAYWOOD MALL where the "real" Santa is. (Those of you that are local, know the difference between the Westgate Santa and the Haywood Santa :) hahaha What was I thinking??? What every other mom was thinking. We'll get there before all the kids get out of school. Well, when we got there Santa was on his 2 hour lunch break so at 1:50 the line was 2 1/2 hours long. Not happening!!! The only way to avoid that was good ole Build-a-Bear. Now when Anna was little and this was new, it was fun. Now I know what happens to these $30 stuffed animal....they sit in a corner never to be touched again. So needless to say, we don't frequent Build-a-Bear too often anymore. This was Addie's first trip that she actually could comprehend what was going on so she had a blast and that's why I took the pictures.

this is a picture of Anna arguing with me about which animal to pick. I of course wanted her to get a Christmas Moose. With it being Christmas and all!! And I had to remind myself who we were there for.

Addie and her Christmas Moose. She named her "Christmas Tree." How fitting.

A nice lady, who was also a mother, offered to take our picture together.

Addie had a meltdown after we left. It seems that Christmas Tree changed her mind about her outfit and wanted another one. I had to use this as a teaching moment. I just wish she hadn't thrown herself down on the floor of the MALL!! Disgusting I know!!

Anna and Emma (we ran into her and mom) watched as all the crazy people waited in the long line to see Santa. Lesson learned: go way early next year!!!

to be continued......

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snookmama said...

Hmm. Mall and meltdown seem to go together, don't they? Sorry we didn't get to talk the other day but I didn't want to slow you down with your mountain of paperwork. Wish we could have kept some drs on the westside!