Friday, December 5, 2008

Reindeer slippers

I just don't understand it. How he can leave a warm, cozy bed at 4:30am to climb a tree and sit there and wait and freeze and wait some more. The entire time we have been married that has just puzzled me. He is so passionate about hunting. It's rubbing off on my little girl. She is wide-eyed, like a little sponge soaking it all in when he comes home with a deer or tells her stories about hunting. He brings home the kill and she's in the back of the truck studying every inch of it. Anyway, he went today with his video camera in hand trying to get some footage. He and his best friend, Michael have this dream to make Christian hunting movies and they are so excited and eager to tell men about Jesus. I am so proud of them. But still, I just don't get it. Maybe it's like him not understanding why I was in Walmart last Friday after Thanksgiving. To each his own. And so my day began as I took both girls to school and then off to my appointments. After taking care of work issues, I spent the rest of the day running errands to get ready for the weekend. The girls have a Christmas party Saturday night. Some friends of ours invite Santa and Mrs. Clause over for the night while the kids make cookies and open presents. It can't get much better than that. They have to wear their PJs and I spent all afternoon looking for the perfect slippers to matched their gingerbread gowns. Of course, they didn't really like the brown monkeys or the brown booties or the brown puppy slippers. Do you see a pattern? As soon as Anna spotted these, she was determined to take them home with her. Of course I tried to talk her out of it. After all, they didn't match. And they just happened to come in Addie's size too. How convenient. So the reindeer came home with us. The girls won....they are wearing these and they are so proud of them and so excited....and that is all that matters...

Flashback: June '08~After a great deal of resistance, I got my way. We bought the girls a trampoline.....what a blast!!

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Love the new posts! Are you working?