Monday, January 5, 2009

Better left unsaid

A funny conversation:
Do you call text messaging a conversation? I guess these days you do.
Background info: Nick is in beautiful sunny FL at a meeting
at a "resort." (some things he should just keep to himself)
Text message went like this:
April sent: "Hey honey, how r u?"
Nick sent: "Fine. Just sitting down for dinner."
(I'm thinking sushi, filet, seared tuna, oysters...must I go on?)
April sent: "Me too. Corndogs."
Nick sent no reply.
Guess there are just some things better left unsaid :)
I wouldn't have traded my night for any other in the world. Me and the girls had dinner at their princess table (compliments of Santa Clause) and had mini corndogs
(nutritious I least they were beef)
and my coke was fresh from the freezer with a thin layer of ice on the top. (nothing better)
We watched a little TV and then ate some clementines. We finished the night off with a game of bowling and a book. What a fun time we had. Honey, we know where you would rather have been! We miss you!

I will always be greatful for the sacrifices that he makes in order for me to be at home with our girls. So he deserves a good steak!!

...and yes, that's my Christmas tree and it's still up!

...there's the squint again.

I could not resist. I went in to cover her up and she was surrounded by her furry friends. Sweetness.
She's getting big girl beds next week and I am so sad!!


Summer Laney said...

Don't feel bad...our tree is still up too and it is real!

snookmama said...

Thanks for reminding me that our bread-winners deserve a little spoiling sometimes too!

The wife said...

All three of our trees are still up! At some point this weekend I will get at least two of them down, pinky swear!!