Sunday, January 4, 2009

Santa and milestones

Milestones...they happen all the time. Some before they should, some are a bit slow. This one was delayed and it was my fault. We were visiting with our pastor and his family and his (just turned) 5 year old son, Ty, went to put his shoes on and tied himself. I was amazed! My sweet Anna, who will be 7 in March, could not tie her shoes yet. So of course, I got right on it. In her defense Nick says that it's my fault because none of her shoes tie. They really don't. Since she quit wearing her sweet little white keds (I'm gonna cry) everything has been slip-ons. Even her tennis shoes this year were the ones with no-tie laces. Anyway, so its my fault. Anna got new tennis shoes for Christmas and yes they had real shoe strings and she tied her shoes today. Ever tried to teach a kid how to do that? It's not easy! We tried a few times yesterday and when we got ready to leave today, she did it...all by herself. I'm so proud. Sorry for holding you back baby!!

Santa's been here...

Chapstick...can't beat it!

Does she even know what Go Fish is? Appears she does.

My Anna loves her horses!!!

Cute PJ's!

I will end with...

My Memories of Christmas 2008
the naughty list
The Polar Express
Our first Christmas in our new home
too much hustle and bustle
Oreo Truffles
Reindeer poop
What is a Wii? (thanks Santa!!)
Pixos and Nerf Guns and Tinkertoys
my husband at home for two weeks straight
blessings, blessings, blessings
friends and family
seeing my girls remember that Christmas is about Jesus
Watching my husband teach this to them


Rhonda said...

I am so glad you posted about tying shoes...I forgot to post it!! :) Yea Anna! And Santa left us chapstick too!

Alli said...

Great job on your blog April! Love the header pic. It's fun to see what your family is up to. I'd love to see pics sometime of Amber, Robin and the rest of the family. :) It's hard to believe it has been many years since we were in youth group! Great memories!

snookmama said...

I am with you on the oreo truffles. Yum!

Rhonda said...

Glad you like the list. :) Why don't you just post a link to my website for it?

Amy Wallace said...

Okay ditto on the Oreo Truffles!!! You are the best for introducing me to those! AND your girls are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I really don't pass that comment out often...I mean we all think our kids are cute but yours are just adorable...they will be heartbreakers like their Mama!