Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"W" is for "Dude"

This morning, Addie and I were playing with her "Fridge Phonics" game and we were practicing her letters. She has gotten really good at this thing and I am glad that Santa gave it to us. She puts a letter in and it tells her what sound it makes. Then she will tell me words that begin with that sound. First it was B.

Addie: B-B-Beee! B starts with boy.
Me: good job Addie. Try A
Addie: A-A-Aaa starts with Addie
Me: try P.
Addie: P-P-Pee starts with pretty. What about this one?
and she points to W
Me: That's a W.
Addie: D-D-Double U starts with "Dude"


Jon and Steph said...

Awesome! Too cute!! That is confusing though.... ;)
Double U, it makes sense for a kiddo.

Susan said...

Too funny! She is adorable!

Laurel said...

Very, very cute! I think you have a pretty smart girl!