Friday, February 27, 2009

Why now?

Ok so Sunday night I began to plan my menu for the week. I knew that if I did not plan I would fall off of the wagon and my attempt at trying to eat healthy would fail. Monday was great. Eggs and grapefruit, chicken salad for lunch, triscuits and cheese for a snack, and sweet potatoes and salad and grilled chicken for dinner. I was so proud! So you can imagine my bitter-sweet reaction when she came to the door. The sweet little girl scout had arrived with all FOUR of the boxes (samoas, thin mints and peanut butter & chocolate) I had purchased just six weeks before. That totally sabotaged my intentions and I have been off the wagon since Tuesday afternoon. All of them are gone. Now that they are gone, maybe I can get on with my plan.
Tonight me and the kids and family went to the Flounder (since I was off the plan and all.)
Nick is off on a men's retreat (we miss you) and so I decided to take the girls to Krispey Kreme for dessert...and the "Hot Now" sign was on. Ahhhh!!
Can't think of a better way to spend a Friday night!!

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The wife said...

flying out next Wednesday to see my sister--WHO HAS ONE HUGE BOX FULL, ABSOLUTELY FULL of these!!! Good thing we will be out walking around a lot touring Seattle!