Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Addresses and Valentines

I am sitting here watching the Address and trying not to throw up...from the nausea...the knot in my stomach. There is a great deal of uncertainty in the future of our country as we know it. How can I sleep at night??

God is bigger than him...bigger than this mess.

on a much lighter note...

Because I think Martha is the greatest...I had to make things hard on myself and buy some
Mod Podge (you know that stuff we called "paper mache") i cannot spell. New to me, but I thought my kids would love it. We had to make boxes for the sweet Valentines the girls would get at school. They turned out really cute...but I am still scraping that stuff off of my table!!

Anna is big enough to sign and assemble her Valentines (yessss!!!!) so she wasted no time.

Addie decided she would like to do hers too...

can you see the chocolate under her fingernails??

not sure where the "M" came from

Addie's Valentine's Day Party

Addie and Ella Kate

I tried to get one picture of her but everytime I snapped one, she was eating. Just like mama...

This is the only picture of Anna. She was out of school and we got to go to Addie's party together which is something she never gets to do because big sis is always in school.


Amber said...

Such beauties! I always enjoy seeing pics of your girls. You need more of you and Nick on here though!

Jon and Steph said...

Your girls are just too cute!
Looks like a fun Valentines ;)

The wife said...

too cute! Hope you are feeling better!