Saturday, February 14, 2009


My nephew, Reid came to play today with Anna and Emma, my little sister, who spent the night. He was so excited to show the girls some very old bottles that he had "unearthed" deep in the woods behind his house. The girls thought it was so cool and decided to go behind our house and dig for their own treasure. Low and behold...they found some old bottles. About 4 to be exact. 30 min later this is what I find on my back deck...

Well I freaked out because they thought that they had found old antique bottles. They were old alright. Old orange juice bottles, listerine bottles and of course a few liquor bottles. There was still some mysterious funk in some of them. I tried to explain to them that Reid's bottles were antiques and that all of these bottles were someone's trash. Behind our patch of woods is a trailer park and apparently this is where someone discarded their glass????
Here is Reid pleading with me to let him take all of these bottles home. At last count it was 42. I was really afraid they would get sick or something. Emma even tried to go green on me and tell me that they had to get them because it would take a million years for the glass bottles to go away. I was proud of her for that and told them we would recycle them.

My sweet Anna who has now asked me to call her "Ann"
(not ready for that)

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Jon and Steph said...

Oh my gosh! That is so awesome! I absolutely love old bottles! Jon and I collect them. How cool that they found those, I can't believe someone buried all of those.